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The New Ghanaian Newspaper


Amidst allegations of sexual misconduct, deceit and lies: Papa Sheee and others speak out…

Prophet Adonteng Boateng and his body guards

Prophet Adonteng Boateng and his body guards at a conference.

Some call him the prayer line “Benny Hinn” of Ghana, for miraculous performances in discerning spiritual things in people’s lives through prayers over the phone, others simply refer to him as “The Salt Prophet”-the man who elevates salt beyond its use as an appetizing condiment to spiritual prominence at his conferences. For the thousands that patronize his prayer-line meetings and the equally record numbers that have attended his conferences in New York, Connecticut, Ohio (as well as all who are gearing up to participate in his upcoming Easter convention here in Virginia), the fact cannot be denied that this maestro of the prayer-line business appears to have skillfully raised the bar far beyond the reach of his contemporaries.

Our sources indicate that, until a little over two years ago, Mr. John Boateng (now called Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng, founder and head of The Divine Word International Ministries, resident in Worcester MA, & editor-in-chief of “Amenoo”magazine) miraculously bounced from being fired from his job, homeless and financially broke to becoming a household name in Christian circles around the East Coast.

According to reports we received, including first-hand taped interviews with former associates of Divine Word International Ministries, Prophet Adonteng Boateng receives about $90,000 weekly in tithes money (all via the prayer-line website) from his supporters without much accountability to any organized authority in his establishment. The prophet is also reported to employ the use of a private driver and personal bodyguards with a personal net worth estimated over 1.2 million dollars – amassed in a little over two years.

Though material wealth and prosperity, according to some modern day Christian doctrine is not alien to the promises of God, Adonteng Boateng’s meteoric rise to success leaves many unanswered questions, barring the self-professed prophet from the pious prayer-line hall of fame just yet. Delving a little deeper into his background in ministry, from sources who asked to remain anonymous, John Boateng acquired his pastoral preparation through an on-line crash course a little over two years ago, after he was relieved from his job at a factory in Worcester, Massachusetts. With the help of a few friends, Mr. Boateng started a little prayer group and took over an existing prayer line from a Reverend Akuffo. Even though John was initially addressed as a pastor, (at which time his responsibilities were limited to offering prayer assistance but later shifted to confronting, casting out evil spirits and performing miracles on his prayer-line), he is said to have conferred the title of prophet on himself and instructing his close followers on the prayer-line to introduce & address him as such. Thus the newly minted pastor John Boateng became known as the Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng.

Along the way, Prophet Boateng has solicited the help of a few dedicated worshippers and aids who have been very instrumental in catapulting him unto his high horse. The eventual realization that this endeavor is a hoax and a ploy to enrich those at the helm is disheartening and disturbing considering the thousands of people Divine Word ministers to. There is anger and disappointment brewing and amidst mounting reports of sexual immorality, lies, deceit, financial irresponsibility and a detour from the call to win souls to Christ. It is quite interesting to notice the record breaking crowds at his conferences, of whom about 70% are women. This handsome, smooth talking, cleanly attired, divorced self-proclaimed prophet of God, definitely has no problems obtaining the undivided attention of women, attributes that in themselves spell nothing bad, except for reports of allegations of sex scandals and deceit, emanating from some of the ladies who have been at the helm of affairs, each of whom had high hopes of being the first lady.
Among his former ardent supporters are Nana Yaw Akosah, more popularly known in entertainment circles as Papa Sheee, a renowned and acclaimed Ghanaian recording and performing artist who now resides in Maryland, and sisters Doreen and Akua Afriyie of Worcester MA who became an announcer, secretary and prayer leader in support of Adonteng Boateng’s rise to prominence. Of those who have shared evidence and testimony to our investigative team, these three are among the few willing to come out in the open to share their side of the saga.

According to the ladies, some of whose testimonies we have on tape, “The Salt Prophet” promised to marry them but after using them for money and in some cases sexual favors, dumped them. Both Doreen & Akua Afriyie confessed to having an affair of some sort for some time with Prophet Kofi Adonteng, hoping the affair would ultimately result in marriage. However, for Doreen or Dee as she is affectionately called, reality kicked in, after a trip to Ghana, where she learned that Kofi Adonteng Boateng, had made similar promises to several women. She informed The New Ghanaian newspaper that Adonteng confessed to her that his initial expectation of the ministry was to make a little money and bail out to Ghana for good, but things blew up unexpectedly and the more lucrative the venture, the less able he was to let it go.

Sister Akua Afriyie sees herself used and abused by the prophet she believed in. In her case, the intimacy grew quite intense. She professes to “… have nude pictures of the prophets private parts during courtship.” that he had sent to her, which she at a point threatened to put out on Facebook when she also realized she was being played- except for the timely intervention of Papa Sheee who the honorable prophet entreated to arrest the situation by talking the lady her out of publicly exposing Mr. Adonteng.

The ladies admit to knowing a host of others who have fallen victims to John Boateng’s schemes. One woman we spoke with and asked to remain anonymous, confessed she had sex with “The Salt Prophet” on the church premises in Worcester. Particularly disturbing and hurtful for the ladies was the fact that, despite their disappointment in his behavior, they still cared about his followers impressions and did not want to publicly expose Adonteng Boateng. They had also hoped to give him a chance to make amends and desist from his ways, but any attempt to resolve things amicably with Kofi Adonteng was met with threats and verbal abuse. These were the times when they sought help from Papa Sheee- then a very close associate to the prophet – to intervene and mediate.

“Wonder Boy” as Papa Sheee is nicknamed by his music fans (started his own prayer line prior to splitting with Adonteng Boateng’s camp recently) spoke to us passionately and with a heavy heart that he is now convinced that the Divine Word ministry led by Adonteng Boateng is nothing but a calculated business venture to make those at the helm rich. Nana Yaw Akosah (Papa Sheee’s given name at birth) was a little reluctant to release any information when we initially contacted him, but he eagerly chose to do so, in his opinion, after he could no longer stomach the camouflaged insults the prophet was unleashing on the new prayer-line under the guise of waging war against the Adonteng camp’s “spiritual enemies”. Papa Sheee, blames his own naivete in church affairs as the reason he did not see it coming; but came to this realization recently judging from full testimonies of some of the women, amongst them Sister Dee and Sister Afriyie. He had been petitioned by the Prophet on a few occasions to intervene on Adonteng’s behalf in conflicts with lovers to avert a public scandal of the affairs when the ladies threatened to go public with the information including releasing nude pictures The Salt Prophet had sent.

Papa Shee at the right hand of Prophet Adonteng Boateng

Papa Shee at the right hand of Prophet Adonteng Boateng

Papa seriously cautions followers and empathizers to be wary of Kofi Adonteng Boateng’s latest move: the formation of a benevolent organization to raise funds for the needy in Ghana. Adonteng Boateng is said to have announced that notable personalities like Daddy Lumba and a few others were behind initiative. Papa Sheee who has worked with and is related to Daddy Lumba says “It is simply a lie”. About how he got involved with the prophet in the first place he said: “I was a complete novice to the things of God and Church activities, but I felt the hand of God and a strong calling on my life to be a soldier for winning souls to Christ. I did not know how, but this burden was so heavy I needed to off load it somewhere. Praying became my passion and that’s how I was introduced to help with Adonteng Boateng ministry.”
The award winning Ghanaian Musician who was thrust to the forefront of this ministry at the very onset when there were only about 30 members on line. His dramatic turn around to be a soldier for Christ is quite a remarkable story, one that influenced a lot of his fans to do likewise and support prophet Adonteng’s cause. As a local musician who knew his way around, and mightily driven by his new found passionate love for Christ, he threw his efforts to help market the prayer-line and conferences to the Ghanaian public from distributing flyers to introducing Prophet Adonteng on radio and at TV stations, spreading the word around helping to organize bus trips and hotel accommodation to conference centers at a time his wife had given birth a new baby.

Despite several interventions to save the image and reputation of the prophet in his scandalous issues with some of the church women, his relationship with the prophet took a rapid downturn when Papa Sheee realized Kofi Adonteng Boateng’s words did not match up to his deeds. This is when he confronted the prophet in an attempt to seek clarification on some of these issues: prophet Adonteng is recalled to have announced at the Virginia convention as being directed by God to reconstruct a stadium or to open up a prayer center in MD based on which huge sums of money were donated to support the cause. An article in his magazine, Amenoo, puts the number present at that convention at the Hilton in Mclean, Virginia at about 7000 people. Papa Sheee who was at the center stage of this announcement, to this day keeps getting numerous calls from those who donated money inquiring about the status of the projects.
Whilst eavesdropping on a conversation by the prophet at his residence in Massachussetts not long ago, it became obvious that Kofi Adonteng had no such plans but was rather pursuing personal building projects and land acquisition in Ghana. Prophet Boateng is quoted as saying “Even God changes his mind sometimes.” The situation further escalated, when the Kofi learnt that Papa Sheee had started a prayer line of his own. According to “Wonder Boy” this was only to cater to the prayer requests of some of his friends who found strength and fulfillment in joining hands with him in prayers. He thought the idea would be welcomed by the prophet since The Bible declares that “…the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few” Matt 9:37. Much to his dismay, Papa Shee was confronted with resentment, anonymous and abusive phone calls and threats from Adonteng’s camp. In some instances deliberate obstruction and disturbances were created by anonymous callers whilst Papa was conducting prayer line meetings with his group only to discourage him.
Some of the callers, upon interrogation, confessed they had been assigned by the prophet to do so. Prince Osei Bonso, a journalist in New York who poses as Adonteng’s PRO, is alleged to have made several derogatory public pronouncements and has solicited the help of others to do so to tarnish Papa Sheee’s image regarding Christian affairs.

Some of Kofi Adonteng Boateng’s followers we spoke to, though saddened by these allegations, still believe that Pastor John Boateng’s initial intentions may have been well-founded in the desire to do the things of God but his judgment has become clouded by the dramatic rise to fame and money.

Many Great men of God have been known to suffer such a fate at the height of their careers, most recently former Rev. Eddie Long whose sexual scandals with young men opened a can of worms that implicates one of the most prominent ‘mega church’ preachers to bribery, soliciting sexual favors and using his position to influence and manipulate comes to mind.
As to why Papa Sheee and this team of complainants are coming out at this time and to which end they hope this will gravitate to (the recording artist seems to be on the same page with most of the other complainants): they want to create awareness and to caution Adonteng Boateng’s numerous followers to exercise vigilance and good judgment as they follow the Divine Word ministry.

“This should be a wake-up call to the prophet to repent and return to winning souls to Christ and change in the direction he is headed. Our God is loving and forgiving.” says Papa Sheee. At the time of going to press Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng or a representative of Divine Word ministries could not be reached for comment. The New Ghanaian will continue to pursue this issue, as more evidence is presented to us we will grant interviews with representatives of Adonteng Boateng’s camp as well in an effort to present all sides of the story for you, our readers to decide. Stay tuned.

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